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[re]building experiences
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We know there will be challenges for each of us as the COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift and we transition back to work, school, or play. At Metcalfe, we are beginning to work with our clients to help facilitate, assess, and plan for that transition.


We are currently working with Delaware Valley Friends School (DVFriends) to plan for a safe fall school start.  We offer our services to you to help with similar planning.


Your culture will differ from others. We are not offering cookie-cutter solutions but want to work with you and your team to help where we can with the planning you have already begun.


If you don’t know where to begin, we can help with that too.


2020 05 20 20xxx dvfs covid classroom occupancy plans diagram 02

We develop plans that you can use to communicate with your community.


We can help you

  • Assess conditions, limitations, and opportunities for re-occupying your spaces.
  • Plan for common areas, individual spaces & circulation for full or partial re-occupation.
    • Understand/explore how you may or may not be able to use your spaces or areas.
    • Understand/explore how you may need to enter or exit your building or how you need to modify movement through and around spaces.
  • Provide documentation for you to use in your transition back and to communicate the details to your community.
  • We can cater our services to what you need and what works for you.


We are sharing just a few of the diagrams we developed to convey some of the social distancing issues based on the current information provided by the CDC and guidelines for schools.


2020 05 21 20xxx dvfs covid classroom occupancy plans alt plan for covid booklet 01

We generate drawings to help you understand various scenarios for safe reoccupation.


This on-site workshop helped us physically see the implications of the required clearances and relationships and to visualize and experience where issues may arise. Whether it’s a teaching or learning space limitation, a movement constraint, or simply allowing room for the teacher, facilitating on-site work sessions helps make the abstract diagrams more real.


2020 05 28 20041 dvfs covid site select 05


Next steps

  • Let’s have a conversation about what you may need or think you will need.
  • We’ll provide a proposal based on what we heard from you about your needs.
  • We can begin immediately to help you prepare to reopen when it is safe to do so.


2020 05 28 20041 dvfs covid site select 03


Thank you + we wish you a safe [re]turn to normal.