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Senior Living “Third Spaces:” Not Quite Home, Not Quite Work

Third spaces are those environments that can neither be classified as “home” or “work.” They are the in-between or after-hours spaces in which people can informally socialize. These spaces offer unique experiences that draw people out of their residences and into a shared space.




Senior living communities have a huge responsibility to host all types of activities. Residents live, work, volunteer, and socialize within the same building or buildings every day.


Housing and amenity spaces are easily defined and planned, but unprogrammed third spaces are much more difficult to appropriately design.


They could be as bold as a nightclub




…or as commonplace as a café


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…but they could also be incidental spaces- seating or activity nooks along a hallway, clustered furniture within a lobby or great room, or inviting areas to gather informally…


University Student Center Expansion, Widener University
WXPN, Donor Recognition Program
Wissahickon Charter School
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Perhaps a nightclub isn’t the appropriate addition to your senior living community, but a space that inspires that much vibrancy and exuberance is so important! The talented designers at Metcalfe transform bland spaces into crafted experiences where compelling environmental graphics, interior architecture, and nature play inspire conversation, interaction, and frequent use. We understand the human experience and we especially understand the human experience in an environment that needs to support its residents more than most. People gather in spaces they enjoy. Metcalfe can offer your community a hierarchy of private to public, informal to formal third spaces where residents can come together in their own ways.


But how will adding a special, Metcalfe-designed space impact your community? Check back for our next installment of our Senior Living Series.