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Metcalfe Mourns the Passing of Great Philanthropist
Morris Arboretum, Out on a Limb


Metcalfe would like to recognize the passing of Jane Korman, philanthropist and connoisseur of art, without whom we would not be involved in Out on a Limb at the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania. We worked with the Morris Arboretum, with Jane as a donor and board member, to craft a unique treetop experience - a place to learn from nature. Those who knew her best described her happy place as a bench in her garden. Jane’s generosity gifted a happy place for many people with the Out on a Limb exhibition, a 450-foot-long walkway to the treetops at the Morris Arboretum, which includes “Squirrel Scramble,” an open net climb suspended 50 feet above the forest floor where visitors of all ages can experience and appreciate the trees in new ways and share their observations with one another. To learn more, click here.


To read Jane's obituary in The Philadelphia Inquirer, click here.