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Independence Seaport Museum: Design Inspiration


Each time we, as designers, start a new project, we begin a process of discovery, in order to learn and understand as much as possible about our clients’ wishes and ideas for their project. It’s our job to interpret their wishes and bring their ideas fruition.

One of our latest “brainstorming sessions” was for the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, PA. We’re currently working with Seaport staff on shaping their museum master plan study and preparing the organization for its future.

As part of our discovery process, we took a “field trip” to explore the world of maritime museums. On this trip, I was inspired by the play of textures, materials, light, and form that created a “maritime experience.”

Here’s a short video of inspirations I found along the way that will inform our design concepts.

The photos in this clip are from our visits to the USS Constellation at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Md and the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, VA.

Check out, and show your support for, the Independence Seaport Museum at: