Artifact Display, Wayfinding and Donor Recognition, Thomas Jefferson University and Health System

Philadelphia, PA

As part of Thomas Jefferson University’s new Alumni Center, the university engaged Metcalfe to design several elements within the space, including donor recognition, a wall-to-wall artifact display, and a comprehensive signage system.


Inside the Alumni Center, the university has a wealth of fascinating artifacts on display. Metcalfe worked with Jefferson’s archivist to thoughtfully display the extensive collection of antique medical equipment, Jefferson memorabilia, and yearbooks. Metcalfe integrated supplemental displays of historical garments and physician’s work bags into the conference room and the reception desk.


Sophisticated donor recognition signage is distributed throughout the space to honor the generosity of the donors who made the construction of the Alumni Center possible. Wayfinding elements that are unique to the Center complement the refined interior finishes found throughout the space.