• Photo by Nigel Young

The Universal Sphere™, Comcast Technology Center

Philadelphia, PA

The Universal Sphere™ in the Comcast Technology Center’s lobby is a unique amd immersive multimedia visitor’s experience for the public. The exterior of the sphere appears to hover over the floor. The interior that is a combination of a planetarium with an IMAX theater screen, on a rotating lift that raises the seating platform into the optimum viewing position.


The mechanical design and fabrication were led by the peerless Show Canada (known for their work with Cirque du Soliel, and multiple opening ceremonies for the Olympics). Metcalfe led the team responsible for detailing and permitting the project (as an amusement ride!), coordinating the cooling and ventilation requirements, fire suppression strategy, interior finishes, and accessibility requirements. We specialize in unique projects, but this will (probably) be the only 40-foot diameter, soundproof, triple layered sphere we’re ever involved in.

The Universal Sphere by, FRAMESTORE