Making Room Exhibit, National Building Museum

Washington, D.C.

The post-World War II suburbanization of America was driven by the housing needs of nuclear families, the nation’s leading demographic. In 1950, these families represented 43% of our households; in 1970, it was 40%. Since then, unprecedented shifts in demographics and lifestyle have redefined who we are—and how we want to live.

Metcalfe designed this newest exhibit for the National Building Museum to demonstrate how the housing market can better reflect today’s demands for more flexible and responsive living spaces.


“… thank you for the amazing work from you and your team on this exhibition. The design is simply fantastic. You have set the bar very high for all future exhibitions. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire Metcalfe team.”


Cathy Crane Frankel

Vice President for Exhibitions and Collections

National Building Museum