Seraph-McSparren Pediatric Inpatient Unit - Donor Wall, Lancaster General Hospital

Lancaster, PA

HOSPITALS //How do you turn a donor wall into an opportunity for play? Lancaster General Health asked Metcalfe and Stantec to design an expansive donor wall at the entrance to the hospital’s new pediatric inpatient unit. In order to make this feature more than just a plaque on a wall, Metcalfe created a series of interactive, rotating color wheels that act as a secret decoder lens. These wheels use principles of color theory and light, to hide or reveal custom illustrations depending on which color lens is used.


The illustrations embrace the theme of STEAM learning and show scenes that highlight whimsical interpretations of life sciences, technology, engineering, and more!


The donor wall serves as a visual transition from the general hospital environment to the playful pediatric area. Donors' names are commingled with colorful wheels and displayed on back-lit panels.


Adjacent to the donor wall, an LED wall greets visitors with a welcoming array of slowly shifting colors. The colors and patterns on the wall change in response to nearby sound. The soft glow from the light array provides a welcoming and calming atmosphere for patients and families as they enter the unit.


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