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Project Architect

    I share a last name with a historical Danish pirate nicknamed “Cruel Coppinger”.

Sarah Coppinger, LEEP AP BD+C, CPHC (AIA, NCARB)

As a former community organizer, Sarah looks to integrate sustainability and community-centered values into design, primarily through non-profit and education work. She believes technology can be a valuable collaborator in this process, helping us make better decisions earlier, communicating clearly with people about their needs, and making data-informed sustainable design achievable for every project scale. Combining her fine arts background, passion for the environment, and advanced 3D modeling and tech skills, Sarah collaborates with clients to create projects sensitive to their vision. She is LEED and Passive House certified and loves to use her technical (nerdy) knowledge of building science to make spaces and buildings as high-performance as possible.  


In addition to project work, Sarah is leading the charge for Metcalfe’s commitment to the AIA 2030 Challenge, celebrating the environmentally conscious work the firm already does and bringing this into the firm’s vision for the future. She has also introduced some of the latest design technology tools into our office culture to support her fellow designers’ career growth. She is excited to see where we go from here! 


Sarah holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Temple University.