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Architectural Designer

    If I could do one impossible thing it would be the ability to live and breathe underwater

Lydia Lincke

Lydia is no stranger to Metcalfe. Back in 2019, she worked with us as an intern before returning to college. Her determination (she’s a classic “finish what she starts” type) was a key factor in Metcalfe’s decision to ask her aboard. Lydia’s travels to places like South Korea and Jordan helped expand her understanding of the richness of culture and community which has impacted the focus of her architectural career. One of the most important things to her is human connection.


“Metcalfe has a way of designing for a community - it’s easy to see in their work.  They put a great deal of thought into how architecture impacts people at the individual and community scale. The future may seem bleak at times, but Metcalfe understands how to positively enact change.”


Lydia, from Colorado, loves to explore Philadelphia, ride a bike along the Schuylkill River, or grab a cup of coffee and sit in a park sketching.