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The Modern Front Door

Question- Where do you most often enter (and exit) your home? Growing up, my family had only one entrance to our house–the front door. The back door was reserved “exclusively” for Ginger, our Cocker Spaniel.


Nowadays, this is not the case. More often than not, families in suburban houses park behind the house and enter through the back, or a side door. They encourage their guests to do so as well. The front door now serves as a decorative piece, rather than entryway.


With an emphasis on open, airy floor plans and accessible kitchens, modern living standards redefine a house’s layout, movement, and central focus. The kitchen, instead of the formal living room, is now the heart of the home where families and guests gather.


In this Inquirer piece (link below), Alan Metcalfe shares his thoughts and design opinion regarding the “front door dilemma” with writer Samantha Melamed.

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