Through our practice of architecture, exhibition and graphic design, Metcalfe builds experiences.

Goat hollow interior 3
How we got started:

In 2002, Alan Metcalfe asked one of his clients, Aaron Goldblatt (then Deputy Director of the Wagner Free Institute of Science) to join his firm. Aaron's focus on creating spaces that help people learn and Alan’s passion for designing buildings from the inside—combining physical, visual, and experiential elements to make engaging social spaces—formed the foundation of our practice that puts people at the center of design.

Wissahickon Charter School
Our guiding principles:

Listen. Design. Experience. What does that mean? At Metcalfe, we are committed to creative, intentional invention as a design process and an outcome. In a world of technology that sometimes makes us more divided, we work to create places that bring people together for purposeful interaction.

The Architecture of Instinct —Alan’s TEDx