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Summer Vacations

As architects and designers, we have a deep curiosity for exploring and learning. One manifestation of this curiosity is a love of traveling. I polled the office to see where our team has been- and where they would like to go next! 


Places We've Traveled:

2018-07 blog summer vacation metcalfe visited countries


What countires have you visited?


"Spain, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Iceland, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland, Turkey, India, Morocco, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada - and every state in the US but Alaska and Hawaii " - Aaron


"I've seen a fair amount, but my favorite may be Sweden" - Jason




Places We'd like to Travel: 

2018-07 blog summer vacation metcalfe to visit countries


Where would you like to travel?


"Croatia, Japan, Cuba: I wanna live!" - Lee


"I really want to go to Japan because of the architecture, food and cats" - Sohan


"Tokyo... I think it would be mind blowing" - Jason


"Thailand (It's very different from all of the places I have been in the past. Also, I want to ride an elephant)" - Andrei


"Cape Breton Island - supposed to be gorgeous terrain, and they have a huge Gaelic music festival in the fall (and lots of whiskey)" - Bradley